Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shy Shy is in love!

Well, its exciting a fellow *bred* and Shy have fallen in love. I swear its the most moving thing ever. Here is the scope, bare with me!

The other day I brought Shy in and let Rock Rock and Derby out. I put hay down in her pan on the far end of the stall like I always do. Well Derby wouldn't leave he stayed in on the other side of the gate with Shy. He normally does not do this. Well I chuckle to myself and walk out to see, groom and love my other 2 girls and do their stretches.

I come back in to see Shy by the gate along with Derby. She had moved her pan from the other end of the stall to the gate where her a Derby were happily munching hay. Aweeeeeeeeee Kodak moment but NO CAMERA grrrrrrr. I chuckle grab the shedding blade and walk back out, they obviously were having their first date over a pile of second cut hay and a bucket of warm water... how romantic.

Well an hour must have passed, I was out playing tag with my mustang and getting groomings by Mazzie (guess I did not do my hair to her liking as she styled it for me), anyways I come back in and Derby was still at the gate along with Shy, nose to nose napping. Man I am a sap I teared up and was thinking what a cute couple. 2 off the track thouroughbred in love! My heart went pitter patter!

You all remember my distraught post about not letting Shy Shy in with a herd, well I guess she took offense to that and showed me I am WRONG! I gladly accept that!!! I could not go out Thursday, as I had to do some stuff for my new job I have. So Gina was taking the manure out to the back pasture, she opened the gate and guess who trots right out with the herd (mind you 2 of the most ummm trouble makers/freak out ones are over with my 2 in the big pasture). There she is out with Derby, Rocky and Misty. No halter NOTHING. Gina is OMG OMG. And guess what happened????

NOTHING NOTHING at all. They ate hay. How eventful was that! I am dumbfounded and excited in all one fell swoop of emotion!

So today we moved her stall because hers was flooded and we don't want her in that, so she got moved next to her BF and has twice the amount of room. I do explain lights out at 10pm but I think I got the eye roll and she walked off LOL.

While we were cleaning out her inside run in she high tailed it out with the boys and Misty. Of course Derby by her side. Eating and she was as content as could be. The spark was ever so bright in her eye... was amazing. Yeah sounds corny but if you could have seen how dead her eyes were when I got her you would understand.

I got a bunch of photos, a little ticked that I missed her groom Rock Rock, but Misty was not impressed he was messing with another girl, so one tail swish and flat ears he decided he would just share her hay.

She stayed out about a 1/2 hour then she hung around the gate and wanted to come in, so she finished her lunch hay and drank some. She was not impressed when she saw Gina holding furazone and me with a rope halter, she knew what was up and was gonna make us work. Finally I got some MTG on her butt and her sides and furazoned her ouchies up. I will be so glad for a warm day so I can bath her in her medicated shampoo and get her healed up!!!! NO MORE SNOW!

Today I did buy 3 bales of second cut hay for 13.50. The other day I went to the grain store got her sweet, beet pulp, alfalfa and bran its came to $54.99. She is no longer getting Dengie, I gave up LOL. She saw that and would pick the pan up and throw it. She wanted the REAL stuff not the dryed crap! Cant blame her really.

Nope no clue, when she is gonna pop. Her boobies are the same no change, nothing new. I wish she would just carve it in the shavings I am due on such and such date. I tell yeah I feel like a kid waiting for a big surprise and its NEVER coming. Holy cow how much longer does it have to bake in there???? I know its getting big and I think I got weight on her in the knick of time. I think now most of what I am feeding is going to the little one. 2 times a day she gets 6 quartz beet pulp, 6 quartz horsemen feed, 4 quartz hay stretcher, 10 cubes of alfalfa, 2 scoop's bran,mineral oil, corn oil, vitamins and 5 flakes of second cut hay and whatever she eats of hay when she is outside. Thats A LOT of grain. She is not loosing but has stopped gaining. So that tells me the baby is growing and getting what it needs and thats awesome.

Ok I will stop chatting and get to the pictures!!
The endless eye boogies. I was laying in the hay

Thats her BF Behind her Derby.

Close up

Thats Shy with Derby and then Rock Rock off to the side. Misty refused pictures.

Rock Rock and Shy sharing a flake of hay

Look at that belly!!!! Looks like she swallowed a beach ball!

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