Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shy Shy is in love!

Well, its exciting a fellow *bred* and Shy have fallen in love. I swear its the most moving thing ever. Here is the scope, bare with me!

The other day I brought Shy in and let Rock Rock and Derby out. I put hay down in her pan on the far end of the stall like I always do. Well Derby wouldn't leave he stayed in on the other side of the gate with Shy. He normally does not do this. Well I chuckle to myself and walk out to see, groom and love my other 2 girls and do their stretches.

I come back in to see Shy by the gate along with Derby. She had moved her pan from the other end of the stall to the gate where her a Derby were happily munching hay. Aweeeeeeeeee Kodak moment but NO CAMERA grrrrrrr. I chuckle grab the shedding blade and walk back out, they obviously were having their first date over a pile of second cut hay and a bucket of warm water... how romantic.

Well an hour must have passed, I was out playing tag with my mustang and getting groomings by Mazzie (guess I did not do my hair to her liking as she styled it for me), anyways I come back in and Derby was still at the gate along with Shy, nose to nose napping. Man I am a sap I teared up and was thinking what a cute couple. 2 off the track thouroughbred in love! My heart went pitter patter!

You all remember my distraught post about not letting Shy Shy in with a herd, well I guess she took offense to that and showed me I am WRONG! I gladly accept that!!! I could not go out Thursday, as I had to do some stuff for my new job I have. So Gina was taking the manure out to the back pasture, she opened the gate and guess who trots right out with the herd (mind you 2 of the most ummm trouble makers/freak out ones are over with my 2 in the big pasture). There she is out with Derby, Rocky and Misty. No halter NOTHING. Gina is OMG OMG. And guess what happened????

NOTHING NOTHING at all. They ate hay. How eventful was that! I am dumbfounded and excited in all one fell swoop of emotion!

So today we moved her stall because hers was flooded and we don't want her in that, so she got moved next to her BF and has twice the amount of room. I do explain lights out at 10pm but I think I got the eye roll and she walked off LOL.

While we were cleaning out her inside run in she high tailed it out with the boys and Misty. Of course Derby by her side. Eating and she was as content as could be. The spark was ever so bright in her eye... was amazing. Yeah sounds corny but if you could have seen how dead her eyes were when I got her you would understand.

I got a bunch of photos, a little ticked that I missed her groom Rock Rock, but Misty was not impressed he was messing with another girl, so one tail swish and flat ears he decided he would just share her hay.

She stayed out about a 1/2 hour then she hung around the gate and wanted to come in, so she finished her lunch hay and drank some. She was not impressed when she saw Gina holding furazone and me with a rope halter, she knew what was up and was gonna make us work. Finally I got some MTG on her butt and her sides and furazoned her ouchies up. I will be so glad for a warm day so I can bath her in her medicated shampoo and get her healed up!!!! NO MORE SNOW!

Today I did buy 3 bales of second cut hay for 13.50. The other day I went to the grain store got her sweet, beet pulp, alfalfa and bran its came to $54.99. She is no longer getting Dengie, I gave up LOL. She saw that and would pick the pan up and throw it. She wanted the REAL stuff not the dryed crap! Cant blame her really.

Nope no clue, when she is gonna pop. Her boobies are the same no change, nothing new. I wish she would just carve it in the shavings I am due on such and such date. I tell yeah I feel like a kid waiting for a big surprise and its NEVER coming. Holy cow how much longer does it have to bake in there???? I know its getting big and I think I got weight on her in the knick of time. I think now most of what I am feeding is going to the little one. 2 times a day she gets 6 quartz beet pulp, 6 quartz horsemen feed, 4 quartz hay stretcher, 10 cubes of alfalfa, 2 scoop's bran,mineral oil, corn oil, vitamins and 5 flakes of second cut hay and whatever she eats of hay when she is outside. Thats A LOT of grain. She is not loosing but has stopped gaining. So that tells me the baby is growing and getting what it needs and thats awesome.

Ok I will stop chatting and get to the pictures!!
The endless eye boogies. I was laying in the hay

Thats her BF Behind her Derby.

Close up

Thats Shy with Derby and then Rock Rock off to the side. Misty refused pictures.

Rock Rock and Shy sharing a flake of hay

Look at that belly!!!! Looks like she swallowed a beach ball!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It was sooooooo nice out and I know I had to get her out and about and socialize her she misses it and I know it. I just need to be careful who I pair her with. The fear of her getting kicked in the tummy is not just a fear but a true reality. Its not a wise time to introduce her to a new herd when she is still finding her balance and pregnant. Not a risk I am willing to take at this point. So Misty one of Gina's mares is someone who can be bossy but I have never seen her kick. She is low drama and gets her point across without attacking. So we introduced them and it was like yeah you eat across from me and sleep across from me every night no big deal!

We pastured them for 4 hours!!! I put some fine hay out (Shy is doing OK on it, but only with supervision) and some denji for the both of them) Shy has really good herd manners and was respectful and so was Misty.

I did give Shya spot bath, with some nice warm warter with witch hazel in it.I am unsure of what is going on but is only on her belly, side and chin. It looks old and something that has started to get irritated with the shedding. It don't look like hives, or rainrot. I am thinking its from poor diet and poor skin conditions. I did a warm pack on all the areas and she really seemed relieved! I put some ointment on it, after a little kicking, twitching and not so happy faces. I can not blame her they look painful!! She got her udders washed and her mustentouchit as well. She enjoyed this, getting that black crusty icky yucky eww off!

After I washed her I headed back into the barn and turned around there was shy laying down in the snow bank rocking back and fourth rubbing the ointment off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Little brat, she is way to smart for her own good.

I picked some more denji up for her 2 bags, it came to 24 and some change. I have updated her account on the side bar over <<<<<<<<. Thursday I will pick up some more beet pulp and grain. Then her account of helpers will be zero.

KK here are a couple pictures and 1 video of her day out and about!!! She was one happy horse!!!!!!!!!!

[caption id="attachment_216" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="How she look! Enjoying the March sunshine and denji!"]How she look! Enjoying the March sunshine and denji![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_217" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="She had to roll after a brushing, she hasn't lost that horsey part of her!! LOL"]She had to roll after a brushing, she hasn't lost that horsey parr of her!! LOL[/caption]

And a little video of her and Misty!

KK off to do some webdesign work so I can get some fencing and lumber!!

Take care all, and nope no baby just one umcomfy momma!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

New pictures and Video

What a day, spring is COMING!!!! I can not wait neither can Shy Shy. I did manage to get some pictures, not all that I wanted but hey its a start. I did pick up at stall mat at Katahdin Trail Saddlery in Newport today for $40 bucks. I will put it in tomorrow, some thing she really really needed!!

I do need to call the vet on Monday she has come down with a skin issue. Her coat is gross, stinky, waxy, dull and dandruff hell. Just not a healthy coat, it defiantly reflects her past history for sure. Right where her belly ends and her leg starts, on both sides she has pea like hard spots, some have the hair coming off, some are scabby, but they sure are itching her like crazy to the point of her chewing it raw!!! I lathered her up with baby oil and iccima. Tomorrow I will take warm cloth and a mild baby soap wash her areas good dry her off and apply more ointment (I am only washing the areas that are affect and have the bumps) He is the best picture I could get:

[caption id="attachment_184" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Ouchy"]Ouchy[/caption]

Here is a udder picture. I have never noticed the far sided one a little swollen before

[caption id="attachment_187" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="The far sided one is a tad puffy. But thought I would show you all, so you can watch with the rest of us."]The far sided one is a tad puffy. But thought I would show you all, so you can watch with the rest of us.[/caption]

I did get brushing pictures!! She had fun between scratches carrots and apples we had when happy girl that was in my pocket and just being so sweet!!!

[caption id="attachment_185" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="OOOOOOO thats the spot."]OOOOOOO thats the spot.[/caption]

Here are a couple videos as well. I tried to get hoof shots and it just was not happening. So I got some quick videos so you can see the hoof wall and flares.

This is the other back hoof

And last one Shy enjoying a good ole scratching!! Her skin is so itchy this is her FAVORITE time of the day. I swear she rushes me through chores just for this moment in time!

Shy's coat is really gross, its a product of her former environment. Bad living conditions, not the proper nutrition either. Her skin is dull, waxy, stinky (abnormally), and the dandruff is enough to make you sneeze for hours on end. I feel bad for her I really do, she is so itchy and her skin is sooooooooooo dry it has to be uncomfortable. I lathered the bad areas with baby oil and iccima. I am also going to start putting oil in her food on top of her mineral oil. We will get her cleaned up tomorrow with a spot bath and try and get her comfortable again.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Smiling from ear to ear!

Wow what a day!!!!!!!!!!! I am grining from ear to ear, so much my cheeks hurt!

Shy helped me clean stall. I open all the stall door shut the barn door and just let her mosey around and pick at things. She is getting more and more curious. Today it was the tool bench, thank god I lost all that weight I had to make some serious tool catches! She was wiping that bench off left and right!! She reminded me of a dang todler into EVERYTHING! She snacked on scraps of hay left behind in the isles and then I made the HUGE mistake. While I was cleaning she passed me so I gave her a rub and a scratch. Well thats all it took, I was now held hostage by a horse. She wanted scratches so bad, she was not malicious but making sure she was ALWAYS in my way! So I gave up on the cleaning and went and got a curry comb, hard brush, hoof pick and mane brush. I was on a mission and she was nickering.

Shy is in love with the curry comb, that right side of her lip can really curl LOL, she puts her head down for me and all its really cute. If I am not scratching the right spot, rest assured she will correct me. She got a serious curry combing, buttcheeks and all, I thought her legs were not gonna hold her she was putty in my hands lol. I followed with a nice long hard brush brushing, she started to calm down, meaning not angling herself to her preferred spots, neck, legs, belly, sides, butt and head she was happy. I got the hoof pick out and was thinking is this the day we can get them all??? Back feet no trouble holding herself up YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Front feet she still gets wobbly and needs to lean on something behind her. I am not sure if the hind end weakness is from the head/spinal injury or lack of muscle and being so thin. It took a little bit letting her rest, but we did it. So I am thinking we can get her trimmed! I wanted to get pictures I had the camera then the stupid camera informed me my battery was low and shut it self off (gggrrrrr). Anyways, talk about side tracked. I finished off with a nice mane and tail brushing, this has her soooo relaxed I thought she fell asleep!! Her coat is still REALLY dry and dandruffy its gross. She has a lot of scurf and I am just waiting for dang warm weather so she can have a nice bath. She has a fugly smell about her too, so yeah the princess needs to get gussied up for sure!

I also found out she likes blueberry oatmeal cookies!! She was eating them like no tomorrow! Man can she stretch I found that out, I brought 2 I got a 1/2 one :).

I was watching her while I was thinking, and noticed her staring out the door with a longful look. I was you know what girl your eating supper outside in the little pasture!! So Gina and I got all the other gremlins in and closed the door. Gina carried the ever important dinner and I walked the princess. Man she walks fast, snorting, sniffing, looking bright eyed and bushy tailed. So we walked her around back dropped the line walked her in and put the line up. I unsnapped the lead rope and off she went. . Hollering like a mad woman, trotting (not very graceful either) up to the door, where she looks out everyday, she knew they were on the other side. I was worried she would go over or through the fence, Gina assured me if that was her intention she would have done it already. Shy kept coming back to Gina and I then off again, almost like your still here good BRB. We moved the food over by the barn door and she ate a little and would walk around then she did it! She rolled!! digging her neck in and rubbing for all she was worth. She got up shook and almost did a face plant, but that didn’t deter her at all. She ate a little more and down she went again, this time on the other side. This time she shook her head and skipped trying for a full body shake lol. Shy was out about a 1/2. We didn’t want to do to much, slow and easy wins the race right. I am just glad she is doing so much better!! We are going to try to do this daily or least every other day, she truly enjoyed it and I don’t think Gina and I have giggled and laugh that hard in a long time with her!

We got the test results back from the fecal sample, we are PROUD to say Shy is now worm free!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipppe. 4 wormers later. So this means the weight should be increasing, which is exciting she dosen’t have parasites living off her now!! We are still waiting on the levels on the pregnancy test, hopefully that will be in tomorrow.

I also would like to thank all of you who have clicked ads!! Every little bit helps. Taking a couple seconds while drinking your morning coffee or hey why not search for new things. I have found some of these links pretty cool actually. Yesterday you all raised $24.16, that is amazing, hey thats a bag of grain with a few bucks left over!! Thank you so much we appreciate it!!

Shy Shy has been with me now for month and 2 days! She has already gained a lot of wait. Her spirit has improved so much and her spark has come back. Lots of love, proper nutrition and ideal living conditions are the makings for a healthy horse. Thats all she needed!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Something new has been added

I have started to ad adsense to this blog. I know donation will come to a trickle and that is to be expected. So I saw how adsense has been working and decided to give it a big ole whirl. I added them below the blog links. You just simply click the ads and a few pennies will go into the account and all this money will be donated towards Shy Shy. Her care, feed and the foal care.

Please spread the word, it cost you nothing just a few minutes even seconds of your time to help out a fellow equine in need. We both appreciate it immensly!

Thanks for your time and care. I will be back later to give a update of the Princess!!!

Shy Shy Has made it back

As many of you might remember way back when about a year ago. When I outed a man for animal neglect and abuse. It was rough as my life was threatened as well as my horses. Well ALL the people in that circle I cut ties with, was not worth it to me. The lady I was friends with even screwed my friend so I reported and he was told he had to rehome them. Well I had not talked to this friend lets call them Mr.H and Miss. S, for over a year. Well i come to find out that she got the mare that I tried so hard to get from this dude. I even posted on here for advice on how to catch her. Well, I had moved on but this mare has always been hanging on my brain. I just had that bond don't know how to explain it and I even named her Shyanne... shy shy. Well I had heard Mr.H and Miss. S had her and one of her other horses kicked her in the head. No vet help was seeked ( that we are aware of) and O the mare is preggo. Had no shelter, good hay or water. Well since she got kicked (supposedly) she was ditched on some people. Well last night I was talking to my friend. And she was like I need to go get this mare, I was like let me see. I BURST into tears, it was shyanne, disfigured thin and so sad. I guess I was crying more outa rage, then sadness. Well the lady would not return my friends calls, so I called and was frank that I knew this horse, told her all her quirks and scars and what she had been through. I was told to come and get her and you keep the foal. I walked onto there property got close to her and went shy shy hey my girl and up came her head darting it at me and I knew she knew. after just getting home having a good cry in the shower, I know she is warm, tucked in a nice fluffy stall, nice full belly from a hot mash, all the hay and water she wants! No worries. I knew she knew when I hugged her she leaned into me and sighed... I think we both had a good cry at that point. Shy Shy is home, where she belongs! In her nice big comfy stall and lots of love. A happy ending to a story I thought I would hold close to my gut and cry over. I am angry well more like RAGED. Upset at our state for allowing things to get like this. And yet, so at piece. Here are a few pictures. We are not sure if she will ever gain full use of her mouth. Her eye is permanent and I am sure her ear is also. But her soul still shines!!!

"The day she came"
The day she came

"This is her face, her lip hangs, her tongue does too. She can't hear and barely see's out of her left eye
This is her face, her lip hangs, her tongue does too. She can't hear and barely see's out of her left eye/[/caption]

"Injury that was never taken care of.
Injury that was never taken care of.

"Her horrible hoofies. She can only stand about 30sec at a time right now."
Her horrible hoofies. She can only stand about 30sec at a time right now.

"See the droopyness, but such a kind face. Even with the terror in her eyes!
See the droopyness, but such a kind face. Even with the terror in her eyes!

"Yes I am smiling, cause I know she is at ease. We have a bond!"
Yes I am smiling, cause I know she is at ease. We have a bond!


As to date I have been unable to find vet records, on her bill of sale there was a vet name, but she does not remember seeing her except to give triple eye ointment for her eye ulcer. So I called another local vet who did not recall seeing a 17yr, sorrel TB that is pregnant. So as far as I know the vet care is not there. If anyone, has any records could you please forward these as they will aide us in her care and her foal care. So right now I have to start from scratch to provide vet care as we can not turn up any records.